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Tournament FAQs

1. What is a shopping tournament?

Think golf tournament with a shopping twist. Experience “shop ’til you drop” shopping with discounts, costumes, prizes, food, and zany fun. Dress in costumes (encouraged) and compete for prizes as you “play a round” of shopping. Teams may visit the shops and preview their merchandise before the actual tournament. Teams will shop in as many, and all, of the OFFICIAL PARTICIPATING STORES (Store Participation in this tournament is by invitation.) listed on our website www.shoprockportfulton.com. Team members may remain together as they shop or choose to do some individual shopping.

2. How do I enter?

Put together a team of up to 4 players and register online at www.shoprockportfulton.com. Make your holiday shopping and wish lists, pack the credit cards, and earn prizes and win store drawings.

3. What if I bring family or friends who do not participate in the tournament?

Rockport and Fulton have many tourist attractions, such as birding, airboat rides, beaches, art, historic sites, and museums for your guests to enjoy. Check out the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce website for more information about “things to do” in our spectacular Coastal Community. http://www.rockport-fulton.org/

4. Preview “shopping”

The majority of Tournament stores will NOT be open late Friday evening. Shoppers may preview merchandise in the stores during the week prior to the tourney but NO PURCHASES MADE PRIOR TO SATURDAY WILL COUNT TOWARD THE TOURNAMENT SHOPPING. Saturday shopping hours are 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

5. How do I win?

Teams receive one scorecard at the Tee Time Breakfast that notes individual and team spending. Each shopper will receive an envelope for receipts to keep track of purchases during the day. Turn in your scorecard at the 19th Hole Party – all expenditures will be kept confidential. There are tournament prizes for top “spending” individuals and teams (though no AMOUNTS will be disclosed), teams with the best team spirit, costume, and more. Team Spirit Awards are chosen by the Stores…so whoop it up when you are in the stores! Stores will also be engaged because Shoppers choose the TOP THREE stores (Shopper’s Choice Award) they like most! Stores are also offering door prizes and refreshments. All winners will be announced and prizes awarded at the 19th Hole Party. You must shop in both Rockport and Fulton stores.

Shoppers are NOT allowed to use previously purchased gift certificates to make purchases that count for the shopping tournament.

6. No special classification of stores

All participating tourney stores will use the same point system – 1 pt. per $1 spent. Shoppers will earn 100 points for each store in which items are purchased, so more stores = more points.

Store participation in this tournament is by invitation.

You may certainly shop at Non-Tournament stores, but those purchases WILL NOT be included in your scores. Teams that make purchases in ALL stores will earn 100 extra points.

7. How will I be scored? DO NOT TALLY YOUR CARDS!!!!!!


Scores are calculated as follows:
Individual Scores

  1. Earn points by purchasing from our participating stores ($1 = 1 point)
  2. Go for a HOLE IN ONE at each store by spending $100 or more PER INDIVIDUAL (not TOTAL Team spending in that store). You will earn double individual points ($1 = 2 points) at each store where you score a hole in one.
  3. Total your basic points. Add in the total of your hole in one purchases. Multiply 100 points by the number of stores where purchases were made (the more stores, the better your score).
  4. If you purchase in ALL the stores you get 100 extra points.
  5. Individuals with the top highest scores win

Team Scores

  1. Total individual points from each team member
  2. Divide the total by the number on the team
  3. Teams with the top highest average scores win

8. Who benefits from the tournament?

  1. Shoppers: entry fees for the tournament are tax deductible, and all stores will be offering discounts for your purchases.
  2. The Aransas County ISD Education Foundation: proceeds help The Foundation provide grants/scholarships to the teachers/students in Aransas County ISD.

9. Will packages be a problem?

Stores have indicated that they will happily “store” your oversized purchases upon request and deliver them to the closing ceremonies.