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At Victoria’s Fine Jewelry, we create Memories. Let us help you mark the precious moments in your life with exceptional gifts and keepsakes of affordable fine jewelry – and a “Hearts On Fire” diamond will mark precious memories in your heart like no other piece of jewelry! A “Hearts On Fire” diamond isn’t just any diamond. They are the world’s most perfectly cut diamond. Its the perfect diamond for the perfect memory. Hearts On Fire diamonds take at least four times longer to hand cut than ordinary diamonds and come with a guarantee and a microscopic, laser-engraved serial number on the girdle of the diamond. You can also have your own personal memory laser-engraved on the diamond. Victoria’s Fine Jewelry have one of the Gulf Coasts largest selections of these fabulous diamonds to choose from!

Victoria’s offers

  • Seiko and Pulsar watches
  • Exotic Colored Gemstones
  • Custom Design
  • Repairs and Bead Stringing
  • Appraisals
  • Engraving Services

Please visit our web site and learn more about our services or stop by our beautiful showroom.